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When you come in, an intake form (click link on left for form) asking for your basic health history will need to be filled out before your massage.  It may be necessary for you to have to wait for a short period of time if I am with another client.  We have a sitting area with magazines, books, and T.V and  beverages such as coffee, water, or tea while you wait.

Your massage will be done in private room.  It is there that I will go over your health history to get an idea on the direction you are wanting to go with your massage.  You will be in charge of your treatment and great care will be taken to make sure you receive the best massage possible.  For most massages you will be unclothed to your comfort level and covered with a sheet.  Only the areas being massaged are uncovered.  There are instances where there is more movement involved with the massage in which wearing sports-like attire would be more appropriate.  This will be communicated to you prior to your massage treatment. During your massage the your preference for room temperature can be accommodated, if you need it cooler a fan is available and if warmer blankets can be provided.

I use all natural and organic creams with most massages and massage oil with the Hot Stone massages.  I am a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, so I also give the option to have essential oils added to the creams or oils as a part of your therapy.

During your massage I will point out imbalances and suggest ways such as stretching or strengthening exercises to help bring your body back into balance.  Breathing deeply is extremely important as well and I will encourage that during your massage.   I encourage you to communicate with me acceptable pressure, tender areas, referral areas, numbness and so on during your massage so I can provide the best treatment for you.

Soreness after the massage can be expected. Each individual is different depending on their level of activity.  The more active, the better the body is able to circulate and flush out toxins.

I will suggest areas you may need to ice or apply heat to after your massage to help maximize the healing process and make your massage more productive.  I STRONGLY encourage you to drink plenty of water after your massage to flush out toxins and hydrate the muscle tissue.

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